Un comédien parodie les tenues vestimentaires des stars, c’est une réussite totale

Lady Gaga



Emma Roberts



Kristen Stewart



Kylie Minogue


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I'm terrible at SPORTZ so Just want you to know I am making fun of myself as me Tom here, as I did not do not do Kylie's voice or Ozzie accent once I break the pose and "fall out of character." I SUPPORT WOMENS SPORTZ THINGZ and in my opinion the world's reigning greatest athlete (of any gender) is currently Serena Williams. And Kylie is the KWEEN SO I IMAGINE SHE CRUSHES BASEBALL. 💪🏽Get that @kylieminogue featuring @charlieauterac #LenkLewkForLess with some giant ribbon, booty shorts, lace, an ugly Xmas sweater that my pal @courteandresen made and left at my HAUS a while back, red table cloth, packing tape rolls for wedge heels, a fluorescent tube light bat, a tennis ball, a baseball glove I made out of fake leopard print fur cuz I DON'T KEEP SPORTZ THINGZ AT MY HAUS OKRRR?!, and a catcher played by that HAWTEE/super nice guy cuz I appreciate people truly for what's on the inside – @trainersethg. Also me: I'm sad he had to wear a shirt in this one….all $FREE from my HAUS!!! #kylieminogue #ozcomiccon pitcher/📸:@paragonegallery

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Les Beckham



Daisy Ridley


Nicole Kidman


Blake Lively



Andrew Garfield



Britney Spears



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Publié par Axel le 29 Nov 2018