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Cette maman se sert des vieux t-shirts de son mari pour en faire des robes sublimes pour ses filles

Publié par Charlene le 20 Août 2017 à 12:08

Recyclons toutes nos vieilles fringues !

Stepahnie Miller est professeure d’Art. Après avoir accouché de son premier enfant, la jeune femme a souffert d’une dépression post-partum. Elle adorait peindre, mais force est de constater que dans un appartement une pièce, cela n’était pas évident. Les odeurs de peintures étaient assez fortes et évidemment, nocives pour le bébé. Elle a donc mis cette passion en pause. Mais ressentait un besoin terrible de s’occuper et surtout, de faire parler la créativité qui sommeillait en elle. Un jour, elle a donc eu l’idée de se servir de vieux t-shirts de son mari pour en faire de sublimes robes. Après avoir regardé quelques tuto sur YouTube, elle se sentait prête à tenter cette nouvelle activité.

vieux t-shirts recycles en robes

Créativité et originalité sont au rendez-vous

Et quelle activité ! Stephanie a du talent. Et en plus, son mari lui a un jour ramené une machine à coudre. Désormais, elle avait tous les éléments en main pour s’adonner pleinement à sa nouvelle passion. Et les robes qu’elle réalise pour ses filles sont incroyables. On ne pourrait absolument pas croire qu’il s’agissait au départ de vieilles chemises ou de vieux t-shirts d’homme ! Ses filles en sont fans et elles ne se font pas prier lorsque leur maman veut leur confectionner une nouvelle tenue. D’ailleurs, pour retrouver tout le travail de Stepahnie, rendez-vous sur son Instagram !

I love the look of rompers but we've had too many accidents standing in front of the toilet because the romper couldn't come off fast enough…and that is why I made her a shirt and short combo instead. I used the original bottom hem of the dress shirt to make the bottom of the shorts and added pockets on this one. I love this look but it wasn't a hit for her and she didn't want to wear it past the pictures, I guess you win some and loose some. 🤷‍♀️

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I really love this dress!! This is my favorite dress I've made in a long time. I've been wanting to try out this sleeve and I'm so happy with how it turned out. #bellsleeves #whitedress #wedding #flowergirl #transformation #refashion #remake #mensshirt #girlsdress #sew #sewing #sewingproject #nopattern #inventive #create #mothermakes

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I refashioned Jon's shirt (I bought it for him for Christmas but it shrunk the first time I washed it😡) into a new dress for my little girl😀. I got the idea from @cottonandcurls and @sarahtyau who are amazing seamstresses. She calls it her "Elsa" dress and wants to sleep in it.😂😊

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I've loved transforming men's dress shirts into dresses for my girls. It is a faster way to finish a project because the buttons and hemming is already done on the shirt. Also, fitting clothes on little kids is so much easier than on myself. I made both of my girls pinafore dresses and it only took me a hour on each dress. The girls love their dresses and didn't want to take them off to sleep which made my tired mama heart swell. #pinaforedress #sewing #sew #refasion #transformation #beforeandafter #sewfun #mothermakes #diy #quicksew #quicksewing

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My baby woke up early this morning so I sewed in the early morning hours. She was a good sport letting me try on the dress (only 2 time😂) to cut and fit the sleeves. Once I made her a dress two years ago and kept fitting it on her to adjust the dress, by the time I was done she wouldn't wear it. I decided to not make my kids clothes at that point. Now they ask me to make them dresses and never want to take them off. It is much more rewarding. This shirt was her daddy's shirt that shrunk, @letsbuyutah. #sew #refashion #refashioned #refashionista #sewing #sewingproject #diy #beforeandafter #mothermakes #oldshirt #newdress #dresses #littlegirl #littlegirldress #onehour #onehourprojets #quickneasy #sewforfun #sewfun

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I have a little tutorial coming of how to make this dress yourself. It is so easy and so cute. Also, I love having these two girls only 12moths apart. They are such great friends and I'm excited to see their friendship grow as they get older. #sewing #sew #diy #diysew #dyisewing #mothermakes #refashion #sewfun #mensshirt #beforeandafter #beforeandafter #doityourself #crafts #quicksew #quicksewingproject

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