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Victime d’une étude sexiste, les femmes du secteur médical répliquent de la meilleure façon qui soit !

Publié par Elodie GD le 02 Août 2020 à 9:35
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In protest to the study and article done in a vascular surgery journal shaming women in medicine for posting themselves in bikinis. Here I am, yet again, in a bikini but also in my scrubs. I didn’t originally make this side by side but I have seen it reposted a lot and I love that this is the type of energy people want to see. WE CAN DO BOTH! Let’s go ladies 💪🏼 #medbikini @kai.york.official @sarahscotford is

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I never post bikini photos but when I do, it’s because I’m supporting #medbikini. Wearing my vacation outfit does not change how good of a healthcare provider I am. My skills in the hospital, clinic and medical spa are honed with years of experience. Stop sexism in medicine. #empoweredwomenempowerwomen

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In a (now retracted) study, 3 male vascular surgeons created fake social media accounts to spy on their fellows and residents. • • • They deemed photos that included "provocative posing in bikinis/swimwear" as unprofessional. • • • This misogyny and sexism is unacceptable. My bikini does not make me any less of a medical professional. • • • I stand with female vascular surgeons. #medbikini #womeninmedicine #futurepa

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A woman can have beauty and brains. She can be smart and sexy. She can be fun and hardworking. She can wear what she wants. She can be ANYTHING she wants to be❤️ Standing with my fellow female healthcare professionals today. Stay empowered, babes🙌 #medbikini

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We stand in solidarity with female vascular surgeons. #medbikini 👩🏻‍⚕️👙 . . A recent study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgeons deemed female physicians wearing bathing suits as unprofessional for social media stating, “inappropriate attire includes provocative poses in bikinis/swimwear.” However, men in swimsuits were not considered inappropriate. Typical sexism and misogyny in medicine? . . ‼️Female healthcare workers can wear whatever they want! What we wear outside does not change the fact that we are competent, committed to excellence with your care, and we can save your life‼️ . . End sexism in medicine.

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